Hi everybody, My mane is Jamie

I am at an immediate risk of becoming homeless. If you have watched the video you may understand my story, I have literally gone through hell in the past 3 and a half years.

I lived in Alice Springs in central Australia for fifteen year. about 5 years ago I took out a couple of loans to start a business in Mechanical repairs and car sales I purchased a number of vehicles that required repair and regularly traveled interstate to purchase cars so I could visit my daughter on the return trip.

In September 2014 I left to visit Melbourne and to pick up a trailer and a couple of cars. One of which had been at my friend s place for a year because after owning it for an hour my friend drove it into a pole! No Shit. So I brought another car so the engine could be swapped out. I performed the work in my mate's driveway. This took a couple of weeks. Unfortunately during this time he sexually propositioned me to which I adamantly refused. The next day I fell asleep after a couple of beers, to wake up to my friend's hand and mouth on my genitals. I am not a violent man so I simply finished putting the car together and got the hell out of there. This however was not the end of this it took me another 2 months to complete a journey to Adelaide that should have taken no longer than a week. While out on the street on occasions to sleep in bus shelters or where ever not with my belongings, it is pretty hard, I was further assaulted 6 times by 4 different people

Eventually on Christmas eve I left Adelaide. Once back in Alice Springs after having the worst Christmas ever, nothing improved in fact I had my life threatened with a knife to the throat and a rubber mallet to the front of my head by one man who I had taken off the street to help him and rented a room to to share rent. He gave me more occasions of physical assault and verbal life threatening and fear mongering over the following months and eventually it became very serious and I needed to get the hell out of there gain and leaving $30,000 in car and tools and personal effects behind for my own safety. I was rolled by a business partner, my work and investments in 6 cars in total were deceived and stolen from me leaving nothing to work with to make the $27,000 back for the bank debt.

Anyway three years later and a couple of unsuccessful attempts of employment I find myself living on less than $250 per fortnight before I have paid rent due the repayments I need to make each time the government give me my allowance.

I stay in touch with my daughter almost daily as she is the only reason I have for existence, I find my predicament embarrassing as I am 46 years old and an not even able to visit her on weekends due to my financial status. It would however be a great deal worse if I am to become homeless. I have investigated accommodation in the town in which she lives and it is very cheap. So today I am not asking for a fortune if you can spare anything it will help me get closer to my little girl for the sake of both of us, it will improve both of our lives and help me on the way when I really need that thanks

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At last update Jamie is doing OK and secured some well paid work in North Western Australia, Good Luck Jamie, Admin.

If you can spare just a few dollars or 50c to get me back on my feet, then I think I will be OK, please help me, On my Go Fund Me page I am hoping to raise $5000. This will help me pay some debt, and get me into a Rental House near my daughter, Some tools and I will be off to a new start

Thank you for your kind consideration, Jamie